This page gives an overview of the main components of academic writing in English that are treated in the Writing Point blog. The blog’s search box, categories and tag cloud can be used to seek posts on specific topics.

  • Grammar and usage

Syntax and semantics of words and sentences (e.g. grammatical rules and word choice): “correct English”.

  • Functional grammar

Language in context and with a given communicative purpose: the relation between the structure of language and the functions it performs. This includes register and tone, and the “rhetorical moves” typical in academic texts, e.g. as described in Swales’ CARS model of research introductions. Text genres in academic writing – expository or argumentative, conference abstract or journal article – demand their own specific academic style.

  • Author and audience

Voice and contribution to the “scholarly debate”. Writing as recording and developing ideas or argumentation, and writing for communicating ideas and persuading academic peers of their value to them.

  • Resources

A guide to available resources (especially online) and ideas for using them.