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Which words collocate (go together) with the word information?

Dictionaries of collocations are available in bookshops and online and can be a very useful tool for academic writing. One example is the Oxford Collocations Dictionary for Students of English. Online dictionaries such as the Cambridge Online Dictionary often also include some collocations.

The following verbs often collocate with the word information: 

absorb, access, analyse, compile, demand, disclose, disseminate, exchange, gather, find, have access to, leak, obtain, provide, record, release, share, store, supply, require, update, withhold 

The following adjectives often collocate with the word information:

additional, (in)accurate, (un)biased, objective, subjective, confidential, detailed, extensive, important, significant, current, (the) latest, misleading, out of date, public, (ir)relevant, (un)reliable, sensitive, timely, up to date, valuable, vital 

Sources: Oxford Grammar for EAP; Cambridge Online dictionary


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